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Our Dailies

Our vision

"Tag für Tag ein kleines Kunstwerk!
Das Daily Painting ist ein in den USA bereits etabliertes Modell: Dort sind die kleinen Kunstwerke längst Sammlerobjekte.
Unsere Vision ist es, diese zeitgemäße, moderne künstlerische Bewegung auch im deutschsprachigen bzw. europäischen Raum bekannter zu machen.
Werde zum Kunstsammler unserer großARTigen, kleinformatigen Kunst!"

Daily Painting in a nutshell

"Paint small and often" - loosely translated: "paint small and often". This is the motto of Daily Painting. We would like to extend this current trend theme in the USA to the German-speaking countries, so that the small dailies (often 15x15cm or 25x25cm) also become collectors' items here.

Everyday motifs such as people, still lifes, flowers, animals and the regular painting workload reduce one's own pressure to succeed and quickly improve skills.

There is a difference between painting every day and "painting ONE picture every day".

The choice of motifs that may be so everyday.

The loose painting style, because the artwork is created in one day.

The Dailys not only embellish your rooms individually, but also in combination with each other.

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