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Welcome to the blog of our Daily Paintings Online Gallery!

We are Doris and Sonja.

Our vision: 
To make Daily Painting better known in Europe so that the small works of art become collectors' items in the long term.

How did our gallery actually come about?

I discovered daily painting in 2016 and was immediately fascinated by the idea of painting a small work of art every day.

"Oh, you're the one who paints a picture every day?" I often heard when I exhibited my pictures.

You read stories to small children to put them to sleep. Adults need stories to keep them alert, and I had my story with my daily picture.

Selling art online immediately appealed to me, I didn't always want to have to travel around at great expense to present my pictures. And then to hope that the organiser had done enough advertising to attract a large number of visitors. 

I started my own blog and quickly sold one or two small works of art via my integrated shop.

Of course, I also presented my paintings on the American site and occasionally sold paintings to America. This website popularised daily painting in America and I don't know why, but I quickly got it into my head to set up such a site in German-speaking countries at some point.

But I realised that I needed support for this.

That's why I mentioned this in every workshop and on every painting trip, and always asked the following question:

"If anyone would like to support me, please get in touch!"

Finally, in 2021, when I mentioned this during an Instagram interview, I received a message from Doris (who I didn't know until then): 

"I'm in!"

It was amazing, now it was getting serious.

We started planning slowly, got to know and appreciate each other, brought our IT expert Dennis on board at some point and then launched our marketplace in March 2023.

Sometimes I can hardly believe that we have actually taken this step.

There are already so many artists on our platform who can sell their art and take the next step through our gallery.

Modern, hand-painted pictures find their way to happy art lovers.

We want to make the small originals better known and turn them into collector's items.

And steadily expand the Daily Painting community!






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